Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 now available

Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio 2022 64-bit Preview 1 on 17 June 2021, and it is available for download now. For the first time in Visual Studio history, Visual Studio 2022 marks the first release of a 64-bit version of Visual Studio. The “key goal with this preview is to test and tune the scalability of the new 64-bit platform”, Microsoft says.

According to Microsoft, during the early testing of Visual Studio 2022, customers were able to run the VS IDE for days, even with solutions containing 700 or more projects.

However, there are a “small number” of features missing from VS 2019 in the publicly released VS 2022 Preview 1 as noted under the release notes, Microsoft has stated.

As part of its Visual Studio 2022 roadmap, Microsoft has shared that testers should expect new features and performance improvements to show up over time with Preview 2. You can download the VS 2022 Preview 1 here.

So Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 has been out for several days now, and I’ve spent about 12 hours using it. Here are my initial takeaways:

  1. Stability is much improved over any 32-bit version that has ever been released. I have not received a single yellow bar error message notifying me that an advanced feature has been disabled. None. Nada. Nothing.
  2. Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 is the most stable version of VS ever. I have not had a single crash or forced restart while using it.
  3. Extensions are already in the marketplace, meaning developers are rapidly recompiling their extensions to support 64-bit Visual Studio.

64-bit upgrade

Take advantage of all your computer’s resources to scale Visual Studio to the largest of projects and complex workloads without running out of memory. You can continue to run and debug your 32-bit apps.

Comes with .NET 6

Develop cross-platform and cloud apps with .NET 6 and .NET MAUI frameworks. Build, debug, and test .NET apps in Linux environments.

Best IntelliCode yet

IntelliCode now automatically completes larger chunks of code, up to a whole line at a time, by understanding your coding context better, and leveraging the wisdom of nearly half a million open source repos’ code patterns.

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